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Apricot Partners is a management consultancy helping progressive organisations in Central Europe drive growth through innovative, customer -centric strategies.

Partnership with Forrester Research
apricot partners is an exclusive Forrester representative for Czech Republic and Slovakia

Competing in the age of Customer
Customers have more power then ever before. Global business leaders make tough decisions every day in order to capitalize on shifts in consumer behavior, technology and changing competitive landscape.

For most companies, innovation is the key to driving growth, value for shareholders, and competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Many companies that are trying to embed innovation into their DNA, however, face a number of challenges..

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Transform the Customer Experience
Delivering a differentiated customer experience is often regarded as the ultimate battleground for gaining sustainable competitive advantage.

Digital business
Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition, with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind. Every business is a digital business is a new mantra, but what does it really mean?



Apricot Partners is a management consultancy helping progressive organisations in Central Europe drive growth through innovative, customer -centric strategies. Since 2000, we have partnered with clients from CE region to identify the biggest growth opportunities and address their challenges related mainly to customer value enhancement.


To broaden our offering and reflect on a growing importance of business technology in all industries, we have closed an agreement with Forrester to become their exclusive representative in ČR and Slovakia.

Forrester is the world`s pre-eminent research and advisory company, whose resources provide a perfect match to our view on what leading companies must do to win in today`s marketplace. This can be summarized by four market imperatives:

  • Transform the customer experience to gain sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate your digital business with new technology strategies that fuel business growth.
  • Embrace the mobile mind shift by giving customers what they want, when they want it.
  • Turn big data into business insights through innovative analytics.


Respect for the individual, integrity and focus on value have been guiding us from early days. Partnering with Forrester, we proudly subscribe to its 3CIQ system

  • Client: At Forrester, our clients come first. How can we do a better job for them? We never stop working on it.
  • Collaboration: We collaborate — both with one another and with our clients – share ideas honestly, and work through problems together.
  • Courage: It's not always easy to make the tough call, but our clients and our colleagues expect and value that from Forrester.
  • Integrity: If we don't practice truth — if clients, employees, and shareholders can't count on us to be honest — then why should they trust us?
  • Quality: Often used by clients to describe Forrester's services and employees, it's a critically important company attribute.


Not everything has to be re-invented. To accelerate change, getting an up-to date knowledge in a given area and adopting best practices quickly is becoming increasingly important for every company, regardless the industry. Harnessing Forrester research resources will enrich this process with vendor-independent, objective and up-to date knowledge.

Contact us to discuss the best approach to tackle your specific business challenges.

In situations where a specific solution needs to be designed or there are internal limits related to skills, capabilities or capacity, we will propose a consulting engagement to address challenges at hand. To


  • Get a kick start start and develop a common knowledge of the latest technology and management trends
    • Hundreds of hours are being wasted on scanning the internet for ideas, definitions and opinions every day. If you add a time needed to separate the facts from hype and harmonize the understanding among key stakeholders, the results can be terrifying. We can help you eliminated this waste of time and effort by providing an objective, independent knowledge from a global research and advisory company
  • Do the right things right, first time
    • Harness the collection of best practices and avoid costly mistakes, through documented research or analyst inquires.
  • Invest in the right Business technology
    • Technology is transforming every industry and organization and it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the speed of its development. Weather you aim at harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, or getting the most out of your legacy IT, we combine business and industry insights with technology know-how to help you make the right decisions.
    • Get the right conditions from the right vendor Based on their in-depth knowledge of vendors and their negotiation tactics, Forrester analysts will help you get the best value from the existing as well as new contracts.